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Geoscience Group, Inc. is a 26-year old professional engineering company founded in Charlotte, North Carolina. We have purposely focused our attention on regional development and construction. This focus allows us to better understand the intricacies and problems associated with developing and building projects in our region. Our keen understanding translates into practical, more cost effective solutions to our client's problems.

Core competencies comprise: Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Land Surveying, Water Resources Engineering,

Construction Materials Testing, and Special Inspections. By offering a full range of services, Geoscience Group provides seamless and cost-effective services to its clients who can rely on one firm to meet their needs saving time and money. Geoscience Group principals boast a combined 75 years of experience; whose associates are graduate level engineers. While technical expertise is crucial to the success of any firm in our industry, Geoscience Group takes its commitment to excellence one step further by fostering a service culture founded on personal and prompt attention, a team environment, a competitive fee structure and a track record of staying on budget. By providing the correct mix of services from the portfolio, Geoscience Group tackles key engineering issues so that clients can maximize their investment in a project.

Geoscience Group is licensed and experienced in the following states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.



PHASE I - Environmental Site Assessment - Complete Initial Evaluation

Most commercial development projects begin with this crucial process. Geoscience Group is uniquely qualified to offer the following:

    Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)
    Underground Storage Tank Closures
    Brownfield Consultation
    Solid and Hazardous Waste Management

PHASE II - Discovery and Resolution - Cost Effective Remediation

When problems exist, Geoscience Group provides solutions that comply with federal, state and environmental regulations while maintaining schedules and budgets. Complementing Phase I ESAs, Geoscience Group offers the following services.

    Phase II Soil and Groundwater Assessment
    Soil – Gas Evaluations
    Vapor Intrusion Assessment
    Mitigation Solutions
    Groundwater Remediation Management
    Facility Environmental Compliance
    TSCA & SARA Title Ill Reporting.

These key environmental services can significantly improve the salability of land while also providing a platform for development.


Our associates have helped developers and governmental agencies maximize the effective use and investment return of land by providing the following services:

.Subsurface Explorations
.Seismic Evaluation
.Specialty In-Situ Testing
.Soil Mechanics Laboratory Testing
.Shallow and Deep Foundation Design
.Site Development Recommendation
.Design/Inspection of Dams
.Flexible and Rigid Pavement Evaluation and Design
.Retaining Wall Design
.Special Inspections

Sites that Geoscience Group associates have evaluated range from straightforward to extremely challenging. High moisture conditions, soft soil and/or expansive clay are a few of the challenges to which Geoscience engineers have used their advanced technical skills to find unique solutions. Our specialty testing experience has allowed us to maximize the in-situ soil strength resulting in the most economical foundation system.


With an increasing number of municipalities adopting the International Building Code (IBC), Special Inspections testing is a vital step in the development process. Materials testing services that Geoscience Group offers include:

    .Quality Control Testing for Concrete, Grout, Masonry, Steel, Asphalt, Stone and Soil
    .Fireproofing Testing
    .Laboratory Testing for Engineering Properties of Construction Materials
    .Observation and Evaluation of Shallow and Deep Foundation Systems
    .Observation and Evaluation of Soil Nailing, Tiebacks and Retaining Wall Systems
    .Full Scale Load Testing
    .IBC Compliance

We offer thorough materials testing including all natural materials (soil, stone and water levels) as well as building materials (concrete, steel and asphalt)

Civil Engineering/Landscape Architecture

The thorough, competent and excellent blending of civil engineering and landscape architecture produces a development that is financially viable, aesthetically and technically successful. Geoscience Group offers the following services:

    Master Planning
    Site Planning and Design
    Commercial/Residential Subdivision Design
    Street and Highway Design
    Water and Sanitary Sewer Design
    Permit Submission, Tracking and Advancement
    Landscape Planting and Hardscape Design

Land Surveying

Geoscience Group associates can complete land surveys and related tasks in the southeast.

   .Boundary Surveys
   .Topographic Surveys
   .ALTA and ACSM Land Title Surveys
   .As-built Drawings
   .Preliminary and Final Record Plats

We use digital surveying equipment that is state of the art in our industry. Our surveyors are also registered professionals current with all compliance codes.


An increasingly important issue, Geoscience Group associates stay up-to-date with innovations, trends and regulations and provide the following water resource engineering services:

    Storm Water Management Plans
    Low Impact Design (LID)
    FEMA Flood Studies
    FEMA Compliance Permitting
    Water Quality/Quantity Pond Design
    Wetland Mitigation Plans
    Expert Witness Testimony
    Post Construction Storm Water Plan


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